Invacare is excited to announce the new Invacare® FDX™ Front-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair. The FDX Wheelchair features core technologies such as the Single Stage Drive (SSD) motor-gearbox combination, Invacare® MK6i™ Electronics and Invacare® G-Trac™ true-tracking technology. For superior performance both indoors and out, the FDX Wheelchair is the answer.

The new FDX Power Wheelchair features up to a 300 lb. maximum user weight capacity, adjustable seating that ranges from 12" x 12" - 22" x 22", a 14" drive tire, Invacare® SPJ™+ Joystick standard with expandable electronics available as an option, very low seat-to-floor heights of 15.75" for a Rehab seat, 16.5" for both tilt and tilt and recline and 17.5" for elevate combinations. The FDX Wheelchair will be crash tested in accordance with ANSI/RESNA WC19.

Product Features/Highlights
  • The FDX Wheelchair features two drive speed options. The standard 2-pole motor package has a top speed of up to 5.0 MPH and the high performance 4-pole motor upgrade has a top speed of up to 6.8 MPH.
  • The FDX Wheelchair features a new Single Stage Drive (SSD) motor-gearbox combination that is more efficient and easier to service. The SSD drive technology is also designed and manufactured by Invacare, further enhancing overall quality.
  • The FDX Wheelchair is debuting the MK6i electronics color display on the MPJ joystick. The color MPJ joystick will replace the previous monochrom MPJ joystick but features all of the same great aspects you know and love.


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