Storm Series Torque 3

The Torque 3 power wheelchair is a well appointed entry model of the 3G Storm Series appropriately positioned in Group 3.

With a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and 4 pole motors, the Torque 3 meets the needs of many rehab consumers

Product Features/Highlights
  • Adjustable Rehab Seat featuring width and depth adjustment in 1" increments. Width ranges: 12" - 16", 16" - 20", and 20" -22". Depth ranges: 12" - 18", 16" - 19", and 19" - 22".
  • Standard with 4-Pole motor package reaching a maximum speed of 5.8 mph.
  • Optional TrueTrack technology, which accurately translates the driver's commands and helps keep the power chair on a true forward path - even on slopes, thresholds and uneven terrain. TrueTrack minimizes the need for veer correction.
  • Standard with MK6i Non-Expandable Electronics, including a MK690 Controller and an SPJ+ Joystick. Upgrade to Expandable Electronics by using the MPJ+ Joystick, or MK6i Display and Alternative Driver Controls
  • Standard independent rear-wheel suspension is designed to absorb significant jolts and impacts.


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